DarkFi | Anonymous. Uncensored. Sovereign.

1 May 2023

Join us as Amir Taaki, founder of DarkFi, discusses the significance of preserving anonymity onchain through various encryption techniques. We will explore how this can lead to the emergence of an agorist parallel economic system based on a philosophical practice of counter economics.

DarkFi maintains that dark online zones pave the way for a truly democratic society to realize itself. It offers a potential future where individuals have greater control over their finances and greater access to financial tools and services with greater privacy and security.

Recent developments in DAOs and DeFi represent an exciting step towards this future, but the issue of anonymity remains relatively disregarded. Breakthroughs in cryptography such as zero-knowledge proofs are awakening a new era of challenge and upheaval.

DarkFi is not a corporate startup. It’s a democratic economic experiment, an operating system for society.

The talk will be followed by an engaging Q&A and a networking session.

The event is FREE and will be held in English. We encourage Spanish and Català locals to participate. See you there friends!

Website: https://dark.fi/