Vocdoni: Revolutionizing Voting & Governance with Enhanced Privacy

8 February 2023

Vocdoni is the most open, secure, and universally verifiable voting protocol used by more than 600 organizations worldwide.

Vocdoni aims to bring transparency and anonimity to traditional voting processes. Through blockchain technology, everything is accessible for everyone to verify, enhancing the integrity of the voting process.

We will be joined by Jordi Pinyana from the Vocdoni team who will talk about:

– How Vocdoni is revolutionising digital voting

– New forms of voting to increase democratisation and transparency

– Vocdoni featured governance use cases

– Privacy, governance and censorship resistant systems on-chain

Get your questions ready for a compelling opportunity to learn more about innovative protocols that are disrupting legacy systems from the ground up!

You will have time to network with the local community and the Vocdoni team.